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Slimming Body Shaper Corrective

Slimming Body Shaper Corrective

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ook slimmer, feel more confident with this advanced body toning t-shirt that instantly shapes your waist, chest, and stomach!

Look great, feel great

The advanced design, with double-layer compression around the waist, makes you look slimmer from the moment you put it on. But, at the same time, it's lightweight and will fit invisibly under your clothes. So whether you're at work, at the gym, or even swimming, it will sit correctly without rolling up or cutting into your flesh.

Banishes the dreaded 'man boobs' and 'beer belly'

Shapeless, baggy t-shirts do nothing to reduce the appearance of gynecomastia ("man boobs"), or conceal a distended "beer belly". However, the Classix body-shaping t-shirt gently compresses the excess flesh and restores a youthful masculine shape. 

Improves posture and back support

When muscles aren't toned, your back isn't supported correctly. This often leads to poor posture and even chronic back pain. The advanced design of the Classix provides multi-directional structural support, making it easier for you to stand and sit tall and proud! 

Advanced technical fabric

The Classix is constructed from premium technical favored by athletes. It holds you in yet is also breathable - improving blood circulation while it effortlessly shapes your chest, waist, and abs. 

Invisible design

The Classix compression t-shirt is invisible under your clothes and, when worn at the gym or on the beach, looks just like a well-fitting quality t-shirt. Only you will know the secret of how you've achieved a toned, masculine look and a more confident posture.

The perfect motivator for a healthy lifestyle

When you get used to seeing your new, improved outline and noticing how great it feels to look strong and toned, the Classix will provide the motivation to keep fit, eat healthily and lose unwanted pounds! And while you're working on getting where you want to be, the Classix body shaper will be much more affordable than any personal trainer!   

You deserve a strong, attractive silhouette!

Now it's possible to achieve a slim, masculine shape effortlessly with the Classix Body-Toning T-Shirt! So if you're ready to banish those man-boobs and beer belly, it's time to take action! They come in three classic colors - black, navy, or white, so order two or more so you'll always have one fresh and ready to make you look your best!

Caution: word has been spreading fast across social media, so demand is rising exponentially! Order yours today- avoid disappointment and get ready to show off your new image to the world!

Product Specifications

  • Item Type: Shaping vest
  • Uses:Waist and abdomen shaper/ trainer 
  • Gender: Men
  • Color: Black/White/Blue
  • Size: M/L/XL/2XL
  • Material: Nylon and Spandex
  • Occasion: Fitness, Workout, Casual, Gym


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